I was traveling last weekend and realized that even though for me it is automatic to have these items in my bag it probably isn’t an automatic thought for many. So today I am sharing with you what are essentials when I travel (listed from Left to Right).

  1. Hand lotion – My hands get so dry on the plane so I like to carry some lotion to keep my skin hydrated. Pictured is one lotion out of Beautycounter’s Holiday Hand Cream Trio. These lotions smell great, are safe, and the perfect size for my handbag.  Not only is this a great travel essential, but good for teacher gifts and stocking stuffers too!
  2. Hand sanitizer – Hand sanitizer is always in my bag because think about everything you touch. So I always have this on hand, but it never hurts to have the reminder before you go eating any snacks once you are on the plane to clean those hands first. Sanitizer pictured is just one of my favorites I find at Whole Foods.
  3. Silver Nasal Spray – This silver nose spray was one of the first items my doctor recommended for me when I travel AND when I volunteer around kids (because well germs). Having an auto immune condition makes me more susceptible to picking up lots of those not so fun things floating around so spraying the silver in my nose before I fly and/or am around lots of kids just provides an extra layer of protection from those germs that like to take host. The quantity of times I have been sick after flying or being at schools has decreased dramatically since I began this step a few years ago. Pictured is the brand I trust and use, Sovereign Silver.
  4. GlutenFlam – If you are like me, gluten intolerant, and about to be eating most of your meals out, such as during travel, this supplement has saved my stomach a few times when I was accidentally glutened. It seems to cut down my recovery time and inflammation.
  5. EarPlanes – I found out about EarPlanes after a flew across the country a few years ago with a head cold – talk about some of the worst pain in my life when we descended. I was not about to get back on a plane without a new plan. I researched and found out about these specially designed ear plugs that help control the pressure in your ear more slowly. Anything was worth a shot, the reviews were great, and they were available at drug stores. Wearing these saved my return trip, and now I always wear them because it makes pressure changes while flying more comfortable for me.
  6. PUR Gum – I still tend to chew gum on the plane, even though I am wearing the EarPlanes. When I choose to have gum, I don’t want all the junk that can be found in many brands. I found this PUR brand at my local Whole Foods and it has been a great alternative for us. Even my son likes it! They carry 5 flavors that I have seen – peppermint, wintergreen, spearmint, bubble gum, and pomegranate.
  7. Lip Conditioner (not pictured) – I completely forgot about my dry lips until I was writing this post. I forgot my lip conditioner on my latest flight and I missed it. I tend to have dry lips without flying so when I travel having lip balm with me is a must for the dryness. My favorite is Beautycounter’s lip conditioner.
  8. Reuseable Water Bottle (not pictured) – I always try to bring a reuseable water bottle in my carry on. Not only does bringing it save money (crazy inflated water prices at the airport anyone), but it saves my body from more plastic (mimics estrogen) and the less plastic we can consumer helps the Earth – a win, win all around.

What are your travel essentials? I always love to find out more tips and tricks!

Now on to the next adventure…


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