Simplicity! Is it just me, or is simplicity something we all dream about?

Any time I run across ways to make some aspect of my day a bit easier I cling to it. When my life coach introduced me to “batching” it was a game changer. And one part of the batching process tools she recommended was this app and website called “Unroll Me.”

I started using Unroll.Me right away, especially in my junk mail email address, and it immediately reduced my email quantity. This program takes so much less time than going through and moving all those emails you like to see occasionally, but do not need daily.

If you look at this screenshot from my phone this morning these are my stats since I started using this program. As you can see I have eliminated 157 email address senders, and rolled 305 email addresses into one daily email! This is saving me so much time and the numbers show you just how many emails you are eliminating and batching.


So if your email is overflowing with ads and different store promotions, and you just can’t seem to pull out of the never ending email black hole give Unroll.Me a try…I think you’ll like it, and it might just save you time in your day and simplify a small piece of your life.

The App has a great graphic interface so you make a choice on each email sender with one click. Simply pick whether the email sender should be unsubscribed, rolled up (this goes into your daily email from Unroll. Me), or kept in your inbox as is – simple as that!


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