Thanks for joining me!


My name is Heather AKA Modern Cavemom.

Here on the blog I will be sharing what I have learned through my experiences of changing my life and health around on my journey to learning about my Auto Immune diagnosis, going gluten and dairy free, and all the health and well-being that has gone along with this journey.

If you like learning about new, good, and tried and tested gluten and dairy free recipes – join me.

Or, if you are curious about different products, skin care, cooking accessories, you name it that are safer…I will be writing about all my experiences of what is worth it and what isn’t.

And, best of all trying to just remind us all that we are all imperfect, but that is what makes us human. We learn from our ups and downs, and our journey is the fun of this ride.

Wishing you light & love – xoxo