My son loves sandwiches, particularly nutella and peanut butter and jelly, but like many kids he prefers the fun shape and ease of an uncrustable. Since I like to control the ingredients of his food where possible, and since I make homemade nutella, making uncrustables was in my future.

When I learned about the Pampered Chef Cut-N-Seal I knew I had to give it a try. The Cut-N-Seal makes making homemade uncrustables do-able, fun, and pretty easy. The first time or two I had some fails, but once you learn the ratios and find the best bread that fits your needs it really becomes a simple task. Plus, the sandwiches freeze easily so I usually make 10-20 sandwiches at a time and freeze them so we can grab and go when needed.

A few tips I have learned through trial and error:

  • Soft breads work best
  • Don’t put too much inside or it spills out
  • Put a smooth thin layer of peanut butter on both sides and then your jelly or honey won’t soak through the bread
  • Individually package your sandwiches, and then put them inside a freezer bag before freezing. This makes for easier grab and go, as well as eliminates freezer burn.
  • If you use the Pampered Chef Cut-N-Seal you push down to cut the bread first and then you push the plunger to crimp/seal the sides before taking the sandwich out

Whether you have foods you need to avoid, you are looking to lessen your kids sugar intake, or you like to control the ingredients and remove processed ingredients, there are numerous reasons for making your own uncrustables. I think you will enjoy the control you can take over what your kids are eating, and I think your kids will enjoy the results!


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