I always love hearing from people that are wanting to make positive changes for themselves and their loved ones!

Household cleaners are culprits of some nasty ingredients that we are exposing ourselves and our families to daily. However, the good news is that making a clean sweep of your cleaning products is far easier than making a dietary clean sweep.

Essential oils are amazing for so much, and for cleaning products they are top notch.

There are lots of ways I use oils in my daily cleaning needs.
  • Instead of Goo Gone use lemon oil
  • Make your own floor cleaner with simple ingredients that smell great too
  • Freshen your laundry
  • Deep clean your dishwasher
  • Make your own room freshener
  • Make your own all-purpose counter cleaner
  • The lists go on…
Thieves is indeed the go to cleaner within the Young Living products. They even have a Thieves cleaner that makes making your own cleaners even easier then mixing stuff from scratch each time.
The Thieves Household Cleaner would be where I suggest you start. It will be the biggest change maker as it can replace and swap out many of the chemical filled cleaners that you are currently using.
If you have budgetary room to go a step further, remove any not safe room sprays, candles, and plug ins from your home and in turn buy an oil diffuser and an oil you like the smell of and diffuse your oils.
With any major life change I find simplicity helps make the change a new lifestyle verses a fad. I typically suggest pin pointing your start point – your biggest area of need or ability to impact. 
Wishing you health and wellness…

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