It has been a doozie of a week here at our house!

My son started getting sick on Saturday and was diagnosed with the flu on Sunday. Being care taker and mom I knew I needed to mount my defenses because when mom goes down the world falls apart. So I quickly began with as many immune boosters I could think of, and can not tell you how much cleaning, disinfecting, and laundry has been done, but lets just say I need a VACATION.

Luckily I am sitting here on Friday and am still flu free, and my kid is back at school today! However, my husband went down hill last night and was diagnosed this morning…here we go again. This time our doctor recommended I start taking “tamiflu” as a prevention as well. As much as I prefer the non-prescription drug routes sometimes there is not much choice. I will be continuing my holistic defences, but going to take the prescription help. All in moderation!

I am thankful to the many immune boosters, advice from friends, and my manic cleanliness.

I am not sure what was the right combination that kept me from getting sick, but I am thankful that together they worked out for me.

  • Diffusing oils – mainly used Thieves, Young Living, but also Oregano before I was able to get Thieves. I diffused oils where we were during the day and in the bedroom at night.
  • Cleaning all surfaces, cabinet handles, door handles, etc with a mix of hot water, castile soap, and Thieves oil
  • Hand Washing (yes my skin is crazy dry and chapped) – got Thieves hand soap to really up my hand washing game
  • Laundry! Everything worn or used was washed everyday
  • Hot shower before bed every night, and sometimes a warm bath with epsom salts and oils as well
  • Thieves oil spray on hands, chest area of clothes, and feet when feeling off and/or before bed
  • Homemade bone broth made into Matzo Ball soup
  • Local organic orange juice and lots of water
  • Silver – gargled with silver twice a day
  • Elderberry – took 2 elderberry capsules per day (1 morning, 1 night)
  • Warm Salt Water Nasal Flush – I learned this technique from a ENT. The same type of warm salt water you would gargle with for a sore throat makes a great way to clear sinus infections. You snort the warm salt water into your nose. It is about as disgusting as it sounds, but it works. Some will drain out your mouth and some back out your nose. I did this each night about 3 times in a row.
  • Lysol – not my favorite or first choice, but in this case I felt it was worth it

Wishing everyone well through this nasty flu season. As moms we just try to do our best as it is horrible watching your family get sick.

Health and Healing Thoughts…

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