“The time has come for me
To break out of the shell
I have to shout
That I’m coming out…”

As I sat down to write Ms. Ross’s song was in my head, thank you Diana 🙂

The last year has been such a year of growth personally and professionally.

But, like the principal of Yin and Yang, the year will also go down as one of the toughest.
The past year’s successes:
  • I have grown my business farther than I imagined
  • I have found my voice (and man I am not afraid to use it)
  • I have refined my passion of coaching others
  • I am owning my unique gift that my life and professional leadership experiences have given me

I am grateful to all of you who have been cheerleaders and supporters from the trenches.

I am excited to see where the road leads…

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