When hard times come we seem to recede inward – seems to be human nature. Even for me, I have receded from blogging amidst personal and worldly chaos lately. I am at times unsure of the right words to say.

We all need to realize that sometimes we don’t have to know the “right” words…it is ok to just talk, search, and be led.

In the last few weeks I meet up with an old friend, and a few conversations and steps I wasn’t expecting to take have happened. Through it all I have had to have faith. What has been interesting is that taking some of these steps and having some of these conversations have not necessarily been easy, but they have led to information that has brought more clarity to bigger decisions in my life.

I really wanted to post pone some of these meet-ups, and just say I am fine to the conversations, but the words just started pouring out. It wasn’t comfortable, but my heart and soul was searching and putting words to that inward recession I was feeling. Interestingly, by opening myself I found I was in conversations with others who wanted to also be heard, but needed that reassurance and opportunity.

How many times in life do we just put on that smile and make everyone think EVERYTHING is ok with us? Honestly I have found being real is a much more healthy place for yourself and others you come in contact with because that honesty tears down their barrier to feeling like they also have to pretend.

By being genuine, talking, listening, and being open for what I am suppose to hear and do I have really felt led in some areas of life we have been debating.

The hard part for me now comes in patience and faith. Now that I feel clarity I can only do what I can do and then I have to put it out there and have patience that other doors will open.

I will leave you today with a quote, really a prayer, that I have been clinging onto recently from Ileen Bocanegra which says, “Lord give me clarity from the clutter in my mind. Grant me wisdom to make wise decisions. Inspire my mind and encourage my heart.”

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