Yes, I do realize that with a title like this blog you could imagine me going the more internal route of being true to yourself, but today I am actually talking your face sans makeup.

Yes, for many women, especially us moms, the idea of walking out of the house without makeup to face the world sounds scary and maybe even horrifying, but it is possible and oh so nice to feel so happy with your skin that you can have some days where you face the world without having to get makeup on.

I only started as a consultant with Beautycounter in late July. In these few months, some of my close friends decided to give the products a go to not only support me, but to see what the fuss was about since I was willing to stand behind the company and sell it as well.

I couldn’t be happier with the amount of un-prompted calls, emails, texts, and in person visits that have been the best testimonials of their experience with the products.

  • They have all seen a huge improvement in their overall skin.
  • Many have reported less breakouts.
  • Most have seen an improvement in their skin tone.
  • They have all reported that they are more happy with their skin then they had been in years, some more happy then they’d ever been with their skin.
  • Most are wearing less makeup, and I even find a day or two where I spot them being confident in their bare skin.
  • They have all ordered more products after starting with a few to “try.”

Seeing my friends feel confident without wearing a mask of makeup makes me happy. I’m not just happy because when we as women feel happy about our skin our confidence rises and we face the day ready to take on the world, but I also know that my friends are getting healthier and making a positive step in keeping themselves safe in a world of questionable products.

If you’ve been thinking about making a change there is no better time than today!

You have nothing to lose since Beautycounter offers a 60-day money back guarantee on all their products. I am pretty sure in a few weeks you too will be enjoying your renewed confidence in your bare skin!

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