The Protect Sunscreen Stick (for Face) is amazing for the whole family, especially kids! I consider it a must have since it is so easy, convenient, safe, and even fits in my smallest purse.

I think everyone who has ever tried to put sunscreen on a child knows just how much kids hate standing still for sunscreen, especially when it goes on their faces.

This sunscreen face stick is so easy to apply, even the kids can help apply it! It takes seconds to apply straight from the applicator and it goes on smooth and clear. If you apply a thorough application, there isn’t even a need to rub it in. We have saved so much time, tears, and frustration using the Protect Face Stick.

Unlike many other lines I have tried, I don’t get clogged pores on my face from this one – a win-win for kids and adults!

With how great the face size sunscreen stick was for us, I added the larger body-sized stick to my pool bag this summer and took the hassle out of sunscreen application!

For easy online shopping, visit my online store!

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