A lot of people ask me my go to recipes, or best cookbooks to get them started. So today I am sharing my weekly “go-tos” on my cookbook bookshelf.

  1. Paleo Cooking With Your Instant Pot by Jennifer Robins
  2. The Paleo Kids Cookbook by Jennifer Robins
  3. The New Yiddish Kitchen by Miller and Robins
  4. My Paleo Patisserie by Jenni Hulet
  5. Against All Grain by Danielle Walker
  6. Make Ahead Paleo by Tammy Credicott et al.

Probably not surprising, I also follow Jennifer Robins (@predominatelypaleo), Simone Miller (@Zenbelly.catering), Jenni Hulet (@theurbanposer), and Danielle Walker (@AgainstAllGrain) on social media as they share new recipes and even some of their cookbook recipes throughout the year.

I definitely didn’t build my recipe index or cookbook library overnight. Following paleo food bloggers and searching Pinterest for recipes still remains my favorite free way to find new recipes to try. When we get a craving for something I try to see how I can “paleoize” old recipes or find recipes online where someone has already made the adjustments.

For most of us this way of living is not a diet that is temporary, but a lifestyle change. So remember you are in this for the long haul so research and recipe testing now pays off for years to come. And I promise, figuring it all out does get easier.


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