Silver has a long history of being used to preserve drinking water. Silver was used by ancient Romans, Greeks, Macedonians, and Egyptians.

Did you know YOU can use silver to purify water from bacterial contamination during emergency situations?

It’s true.  It’s been published in scientific peer-reviewed literature that silver kills water-borne biological pathogens at 50 parts per billion (ppb) concentrations.

Here’s two quick recipes I recommend:

  • 4 tsp of a 10 ppm silver hydrosol per gallon of water and leave overnight (12 hours)
    • Which silver hydrosol? I use, Sovereign Silver, available at Whole Foods or Amazon
    • A 2 oz bottle will preserve 3 gallons of water
    • More info:, Where To Start, FAQs
  • 1 MadiDrop in a 5 gallon bucket of water overnight (12 hours)
    • A single MadiDrop can be reused every day for 6 months in a row, providing 5 gal of safe water each day.
    • Available on Amazon
    • More info:

Silver is safe to drink at these concentrations.  It’s below the EPA and World Health Organization guidelines for safe levels of silver in drinking water.  And scientific literature indicates there is a margin of safety of over 6,000X built into the recommended limit.

You can use this safe clean water for brushing teeth, washing dishes, or bathing to minimize the amount of bottled water you need to consume.

Stockpiling tap water and adding silver in either of these two ways can preserve your drinking water for a large supply.

In fact, the CDC points out that silver is an approved way of preserving drinking water against microbial contamination.

Stay Safe!

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