The therapy known as cupping has been around for thousands of years. It’s origins are still debated between the Chinese or the Egyptians. Either way you may have heard of it surrounding the last Olympics as it started getting a lot of press when Olympians (especially Michael Phelps) were sporting their cupping marks.

There are various methods of cupping, but I will be talking specifically about the method I have been using for the last few years which uses a vacuum type cupping method. Think of it as a modern application of an ancient healing art.

I was introduced to cupping through my current chiropractic office as an additional therapy used by their in-house massage therapists. Massage has long been a very healing and detoxifying helper for me, but I tended to get sore with much pressure so I was willing to give MediCupping a try.

I was all but sold after my first cupping session. My goal was to help lymph flow and general detoxification so my therapist did not use a super strong suction thus I had no cupping marks to show (preferable for me). The whole process is actually relaxing and has very similar muscle manipulation like a massage. The suction is enough to separate the tissue layers and allow increased blood and oxygen flow.

My body and I both feel amazing after cupping sessions! Whether I go now for acute muscular issues or for a good overall detox I am always impressed by how well the vacuum cupping works for my body.

Like chiropractic, massage and cupping serves for me as a way to make my body work to heal itself. Our bodies are powerful and equipped for us to be healthy. It is our job to help them along sometimes when they are falling a little slow or off the path.

For more information about the technique and medical issues cupping can help with you can read more over at

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