How life changed for me during my journey back to health:

  • No caffeine (ok technically when I have bits of chocolate there is some, but I haven’t knowingly had a caffeinated drink for over 4 years)
  • No soda (I was the gal who preferred a coke for breakfast instead of coffee…this was a tough one for awhile)
  • Removed all gluten from my diet
  • Removed all dairy from my diet (I have recently been able to add some high quality butter back in – yay)
  • Removed as much refined sugar as possible (honey and raw maple syrup are my go to sweeteners)
  • Added fats and protein back into my life in larger quantities (they are not the devil that “fad diets” have made them out to be)
  • Removed “fragrances” from my house in the forms of candles, room sprays, plug-ins, etc (I have since found some safer candles that use essential oils so I can enjoy that again)
  • Trashed all my chemical cleaning supplies and started over (amazing how well vinegar and essentials oils work)
  • Said no to interior pest control
  • Said no to the use of weed sprays and chemical lawn care processes
  • Detoxed using supplements
  • Optimized what minerals and vitamins my body was low in and added them back into my diet through food and supplementation
  • Changed my deodorant and perfume
  • Changed my skin care products to those that ranked low on the EWG scale
  • Changed my makeup products to those that ranked low on the EWG scale
  • Did occasional cleanses, in a healthy way, under doctor supervision
  • Started seeing a chiropractor regularly
  • Started getting more frequent massage
  • Used medical cupping for lymph detoxing (it is amazing and I still use it occasionally when I need a good re-set)
  • Practiced lymphatic yoga
  • Got outside more
  • Stressed less
  • Worked through emotional baggage
  • Spoke my mind more

Maybe a list of what didn’t change would’ve been simpler! The journey isn’t always easy, but it is worth it!

Over the course of this blog I will try to touch more in depth on each of these areas. As always reach out if there is something you have a question about or would love to hear more about sooner rather than later.

As always, wishing you light & love…

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