Hi, my name is Heather and I’m Modern Cavemom. I’m an eclectic soul who has dabbled in careers in marketing, art, photography, customer service, and more, but finally found my calling when I had my son and became a mom. I am married to a scientist (yes the old adage opposites attract reigns true) and am passionate about helping and developing others.

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Starting with my pregnancy and following after delivery my body went crazy: everything started going off track! I spent the better part of my son’s first four years of life going to specialists and different doctors trying to figure out why I had lost my health and was slowly deteriorating. I had almost lost hope after feeling like I had been told 100 times over that it was “all in my head,” but I knew better and kept on searching.

My first bite of hope came once I decided to try chiropractic. Although the physical adjustments did help alleviate some of the physical pain, the hope that began the journey toward finding some answers was when the chiropractor sat down with my husband and I. My chiropractor starting talking medically with my husband once he heard what my husband did for a living and leveled with him about what he would do “if I were his wife.” During this meeting the chiropractor told my husband to start digging around at research related to “adrenal fatigue.”

The “adrenal fatigue” research opened our eyes and made so much sense. As many describe the layers of an onion, this became layer one, but started the process of revealing much more.

While searching for doctors trained in adrenal fatigue I decided to try a holistic practice with a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. I liked what their website had to say, and my initial informational call to the office had been a peaceful experience so I decided to give it a go.

That first appointment was the beginning of my healing journey! I had met the first doctor that in an initial 2-hour appointment with me reviewing my medical file started unraveling the years of un-diagnosed and mis-diagnosed issues. And, guess what else that 2-hours was not spent waiting for a 5-minute conversation. No, I had a full two hours with the doctor and felt heard and understood for the first time in years.

Many appointments followed as we worked step by step to get me healthy again. We went from functioning, to feeling pretty good, to feeling great as the appointments continued and the months and years went by.

It wasn’t easy – far from it actually. However, I knew I would do whatever it took to get my life back. It is hard to remember what order we removed things from my diet, where we added vitamins and minerals back in, where we did cleansing, when official diagnosis’s came through, but along the way I learned a lot about the whys that every other doctor had missed – I had adrenal fatigue, hashimotos thyroiditis, MTHFR gene mutations, h.pylori, heavy metal build-up, liver clearance issues, sluggish lymph, and the list went on.

The last 4 years as the diagnosis’ came in so did the big changes in how I was eating, what products were in my house, what products I used on my skin, what we cleaned with, and how I was emotionally processing. But you know what, all the changes, all the research, and all the tough times became worth it as I made my way back to living life to its fullest!

This blog is a way for me to share with others what I learned along the way.

Wishing you light & love…

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